Quick and Flirty Skirt

 Easing into this nice and slowly with a straight forward hemming project.

I was at the thrift store and saw this uggo going for $4.
It has pockets!
As someone with a wardrobe spanning the whole spectrum of black to grey, I’m on a bit of a mission to introduce bright colours into my rotation. This fabric makes up for years of lost time, and I had a sneaking suspicion it wouldn’t look like middle aged swimsuit print if we took off a few inches.
It’s as easy as, measure and cut. (Of course allowing for a hem).
It already looks so much better.
I busted out my seam gauge and set it to my desired hem.
(I did 1/2 inch here, to keep it a narrow hem line. That’s totally a thing).
I ironed the hem into place to make my life just a bit easier when it came time for sewing and I needed the fabric to stay in place.
Then I did the same for the lining but made it a 3/4 inch hem to keep it from peeking. Did I forget to mention that this sucker had a lining? Thats right it does!
 Check out those pockets!
  I’m sure you know what happened next…
Machine time.
So hem is in place and I gave the whole thing a good press, getting out all the wrinkles and making her look fresh and new and….
Very simple project resulting in a very stylish skirt. I’m pleased with this start and how things will just get bigger and better from here.
What’s an easy sewing project that boosts your confidence?

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