Slim’s Chance

Jeans are a demon of mine. I go through them constantly and the price of good quality jeans keeps me in low quality ones.
That’s why when I find good ones at clothing swaps or second hand shops, I’m quick to snatch them up. The only problem is, I don’t always get the most stylish options.
For instance, I found these Mavi jeans:

There was no damage or major flaws, except for the unflattering flare happening. My main criteria is how they fit me in the waist and rear, anything else is absolutely fixable!
There are dozens of posts out there on how to turn your pants into skinny jeans, so giving a detailed walk through seems redundant. See this as more of a before and after scenario. If you’re curious what process I used, you can check out this tutorial.
I love me a slim fitting jean, there’s nothing sleeker in my opinion, but your feet and ankles will swell over the course of your day, and the initial feeling of ‘snug’ will turn into flat out uncomfortable. Don’t be too proud to re-pin.
The right tools make the process so much smoother, so I swapped out my regular sewing needle for Singer denim grade needles.
This was all done pre-serger, so I wasn’t able to cleanly finish my edges as I could now. Seconds after cutting off the excess, the edges looked like this:
To keep my jeans in tact, I’m using good ‘ol reliable Zig-Zag stitch to stop my seams from bursting open.
After a good ironing I now have cool designer slim cut jeans. My plan to pump up my wardrobe with more fashionable pieces is coming along nicely.
jeanback                                 Jeanfinish
A good dark wash ‘skinny’ jean is a staple that I actually wear with everything.
Maybe one day I can make my own pair from scratch.
   What’s your wardrobe staple?

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