I love leggings! You can dress them up like real people clothes but they have all the comfort of pajamas. I don’t care for the “leggings aren’t real pants” argument. If you want to wear leggings as your pants, I support you.

I want a whole collection of them, so I’m charged with the task of finding a pattern that gives me the right fit. So to make my pattern I followed the instructions here.


Then it was the matter of cutting and assembling the Fabric.

It took no time at all to put these together. After sewing up each leg I just pinned the crotch seam together and put in the elastic waist with a zig-zag stitch.

Then I folded it over to hide the stitching.


I love this fabric, it’s got a great feel to it and the pattern is so unique.

Here they are!


Overall I’m pleased with how they turned out, but I didn’t account for the backrise, so I have precious little room for bending without a wardrobe malfunction. I’ll need to continue my search for the perfect pattern.


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