Sheer Luck

A lot of my posts so far have been re-purposing existing clothes. The reason for this is simple:

I’ve been to a lot of clothing swaps lately.

Clothing swaps come with all the browsing fun of a vintage store with none of the cost. It’s a great way to pass on clothes I don’t need anymore and find gems other people are tired of.

I found this beautiful rose coloured maxi skirt at my latest swap.

It has a lovely chiffon overlay with a comfy jersey knit lining. Honestly, it was wear ready as is, but I was looking for something with more of an edge to it.

So I put it through the Swap Shop. I took advantage of the sheer top layer and shortened the lining, a look I’ve been wanting to include in my closet.

Then I took out the stitching in the side seams to create two slits. I rolled the hem on each side to keep the fraying chiffon threads encased. After a loving press with my iron on a medium-low setting, my skirt was finished.


By happy circumstance, my new skirt pairs perfectly with this maroon crop I picked up a while ago. The small flower print is even a close match to the colour of the skirt.

From sweet to sexy, this is a swap shop success.





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