Skirt, the Issue.

My fabric store had this on clearance:

I fell in love with the texture, and the colour of this houndstooth was an unusual combination. I snatched it up without a clear plan (story of my life) but I was confident that I would figure one out.


I like having wardrobe pieces that are considered “professional”, for all those times I have to pretend I’m an adult, but I need them to have my own flair. A straight skirt in this print is something I’m very excited about.

I started by making a muslin, so I could get the sizing right. I struggle with sizing and often end up with clothing that fits awkwardly in places. I want my sewing time to be worth it, and a lopsided skirt isn’t worth it.

I used the pattern size that matched my measurements the closest and then took in the practice skirt where needed. Once I was happy with how the muslin looked on me, I ripped it all apart and traced the skirt parts to make my, now custom, pattern pieces.


I want to note that this pattern didn’t include seam allowances, so I’ve already factored that in when drawing these.

I lucked out that the waist line didn’t need to change so I didn’t have to do anything to the facing pieces. Thank God, because I’m lazy.

I’ve never really done anything like this before, usually I just follow the size within the pattern without altering it in any way, so it’ll be interesting to see how well this comes together.

Results to come.

Any trade secrets or favourite tutorials when it comes to customizing patterns?




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