A Better Sweater

So I’ve got another Swap Shop item for today.

This… interesting piece…

I’m really diggin’ the print but the baggy, boxy look is not winning points with me.


Right off the bat, I needed to ditch these extender pieces. I took the stitch ripper to them and already I feel better about this sweater.

Then I laid it all out, taking my time to make sure it was flat, with the seams and cuffs matching.

My cat, Bean, supervising the process. 

I took a sweater that fits me well and carefully laid it on top of this one, matching up the shoulders and neck lines. Setting it up so that I can use it as my guide to take in the bottom sweater.


Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Shouldn’t the bottom sweater be inside out so you can pin the right sides together?”

Well good for you, you’re smarter than me. So after cursing briefly I took it apart, turned the sweater inside out, and then did all that careful laying and matching all over again. Then I opened a bottle of wine and pinned all the sides and sleeves using the top sweater as a pattern piece.

With it all pinned I ran it through the sewing machine, tested the fit, and after some minor adjustments fed it through my lovely serger to trim all that excess and finish my edges.

Of course I gave all the seams a good press and here’s the end result:

I’m thrilled with how this turned out. A well fitting top with a classy print, what a great addition to my closet.

Have a top that hangs looser than you’d like? Give it new life.



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