Bib for Fashion

This past weekend I overdosed on cute cute babies.

Two sets of friends recently welcomed some lovely additions to their families, so the boy and I set out to meet them both.

One friend asked me in advance if I could make her some bandanna bibs for the little person she had just made.

I don’t usually make baby gear, but I couldn’t believe how freakin’ easy these were:


I picked out some of the sweetest cotton prints in my fabric stash and grabbed a length of micro-fleece for the backing. Making for some fashionable and extremely washable bibs.

Mama even let her little one model for me.


They’re on the big side, but a great place to start. For future I’m going to have to reduce the amount of give in the top layer and have two “sizes” for the neck closure. Right now it’s one square of Velcro, but I would like to have an option to make it tighter if needed.

I was able to throw 6 together over the course of two short evenings and all the material was easy to work with.

Plus I ended up with one happy customer:





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