Let There Be Boots!

This post is less about sewing and more a brag post about my sweet fashion score.

I’ve moved within the last year and with that came all that organizing and downsizing fun. The boy asked me to handle my shoe collection and look into getting rid of some:


I laughed inside and promised that I would certainly sit down and look at them. So while I justified each and every pair, I discovered a gap in my collection. A functional and stylish ankle boot that didn’t scream “Canadian Winter” at everyone.

I found these second hand:


These are barely worn and just look like someone suffered buyers remorse. I snagged the pair for $4.50.

Why would someone ditch these? Well I have a sneaking suspicion these leather ties had something to do with it.


They remind me of a 60’s shop girl uniform, not a design feature I’m eager to stick with. I was raised with a “I can fix it” mindset and was certain that this was something I could fix once I took a closer look.

The leather ties were held it place with one row of stitching on either side, so I just took my stitch ripper to it and performed some shoe surgery.


This took ten minutes of my time and resulted in a really smart ankle boot.


And they fit in my closet just fine!



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