Thai the Room Together

A while ago (read months) I was asked to make a bed-skirt for a friend. They had a guest room that was almost finished, but thought a decorative bed-skirt would be just the right final touch.

Having never made a bed-skirt, I was down to tackle this endeavor.

Then the individual challenges of this project began to make themselves very apparent.

Challenge #1: She had already purchased fabric that she was very smitten with and had it ready for me. Why is that a challenge? She purchased it from a market in Thailand and they didn’t sell them off of bolts, they sold them in pre-cut yardages. Thankfully she had the foresight to purchase two units, so I had enough fabric – in theory – but it was literally cut out for me.

Challenge #2: The two units of fabric had an identical print, but were different colours. Neither long enough or wide enough to run the full length of the bed on all sides. I had to get creative on how to get the most out of this fabric without sacrificing the overall look.

Challenge #3: Remember when I said she bought the fabric in Thailand? It’s because she lives there. There’s not a lot of room for adjustment once it’s there. I can’t just stop over and make a fix if I screw up the measurements. This was a one time deal.

My first step was to figure out how I was going to make the sides work. Again, the length of the bed was more than the length of the fabric and there wasn’t nearly enough width to make the two sides the same full colour.


My fix was to give it a top boarder look. The top 1/3 used the honey brown background and I made the bottom 2/3’s with the teal. She wanted the teal to stand out as the main colour, and by splitting the fabric like this, I was able to make 3 identical panels. Because I had to be very conservative with my fabric, I didn’t have the luxury of pattern matching the seams, but I think I did pretty well.


That solved my hang problem, but length was another story. The two longest sides of the bed exceeded the length of the fabric. I used the extra honey brown to craft some corner blocks, then ironed them over to create pleats. They extended my sides and passed for a “decorative feature”.


I attached all the sides to make one long sheet and then attached it to the top piece that would lay across the box spring, using the excess strips to make a border.


The top piece that lays across the box spring is an old king sheet that I cut to size. I attached the hang to it making sure to round the corners and avoid that weird point that would cause bunching.

This is how it looks in the room and I’m so happy to report it fits and is doing its job.






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