From Dress to Impress

My friend found a great second hand dress that she adored, but in the end it wasn’t exactly what she wanted. The top part fit great but the bottom half did not. Ugh! Mass made clothing. Fits good here, but not there.

Why let that spoil the whole garment?

She wanted to cash in on the part that fit well.


It’s got a great 60’s feel to it, both in the print and neckline. I had no doubt it would make a killer top.

I usually see the chop as the easiest part of an alteration, but this one took some extra thought.


She wanted the top to hit a certain length, and cutting above the pockets was going to make it way too short, below is too long. Time to turn them into a design feature and pretend I know what I’m doing.

image image

So I cut through the pockets and ripped off the excess lining that came with them. Followed it up with a serge to keep the quickly fraying edge in check.

image image

The lining needed some attention, I wanted it to look polished so I had to clean up the now useless pockets, and turn them into side slits.

Once it was pinned down…


I sent it through the machine.


Finished it off with a hem and a press, this top is fashion ready.

Dress to Impress

Easy as that, from dress to shirt.


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