Cushy Job

A light one for this quiet holiday Monday.

I’m in the end stages of making some cushions for a friend’s breakfast nook. It’s been a very challenging but satisfying project. I’ve had to exercise some delicate sewing and have been seeing a huge improvement in my abilities.

Just a sneaky look at part of it: The Throw Pillows. An easy starting point to build momentum.


While the bulk of the project was extremely straight forward…

The final step was not only finicky, but also could make or break the quality.


Closing the open side, after the pillow form is in.

This is best achieved with a ladder stitch, I knew that. I also knew how much I sucked at ladder stitching. My hand sewing often looks desperate, and I didn’t want to destroy the look of these with some sloppy work.


After some fails and stitch ripping, it became obvious that I didn’t know proper technique.

It was humbling having to sit down and re-teach myself what should be an extremely basic sewing concept, but it showcased to me how important these foundations are.

It was quite an investment in time but it wasn’t long until I found my rhythm.


They turned out beautifully, and were a great test of patience to prime me for the more intricate cushions that followed.

Great project to bolster my skills.

BOLSTER! Get it?

…cuz…cuz it’s a cushion…

…I’ll see myself out.



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