It’s Curtains

This month marks a year since I’ve moved into my new place. It’s funny that it’s been this long and I still have a few boxes of stuff to be handled, the process of moving in can really drag out.

After all the signing of documents and official stuff was dealt with, I wanted to tackle the fun stuff. Decorating and making the space my home. After buying panel curtains for our last place, I wanted to try my hand at a more custom approach.

I came across this fabric and it tied in beautifully with my colour scheme but also, this baby is reversible! Opening up decor options, and on sale at $12/yrd down from $29!


I wanted to start out simple and looked online trying to find a method that would suit my needs but, as always, I was over thinking it. Everything had too many embellishments or was for elaborate rod set ups, too costly, too timely and too much.

I just wanted a straight forward sew and hang. Once I got the rods up I measured to where I wanted my curtains to hit and the width. I had to make sure I was accounting for the top casing, hem, sides and fullness.

Then I started sewing.


The fullness was something that took me a while to figure out. I literally held the material in the window and began to gather it in each hand until i liked how it was falling. All very scientific, really.

It started out simple with the back window, just one panel and a side tie to pull it back during the day.

Our storage closet was in an awkward place, and the door made it hard to access the space and use it effectively. We took it off and I replaced it with a larger/ fuller version of the window curtain.


At this point I was looking to get a little fancier with my work. The kitchen has a window that’s quite inset, so I hung one rod on the outer most wall for a mini valence skirt, and a rod on the inner most wall where a hung two sliding panels.


I even installed some affordable grommets in those panels so that I could slide them open and shut with ease. They were straight forward to put on and gave them a professional finish.


Finally, my pride and joy. The Bay Window!


I hung three individual rods and hung the simple curtains similar to the back window and closet door, but I had to take advantage of this framing set up. I had to make a valence like no other!

I found this 3″ thick valance bar on sale for $3.00. Perfect size for my casing and then I gave the valence a 6″ hang to mask the pot light in the ceiling.

The width of the bay window was 72″ which was wider than my fabric. Did someone say “Add a design feature and pretend you know what you’re doing”?

I cut two lengths of the fabric to each make up one half of the 72″. To attach them I used the reverse side of the fabric and added a 12″ square, which I then folded over until the two long halves met in the centre – creating a pleat. I ironed it into place and then folded over the casing, stitching everything down.

Confused? I bet!

You can see it from the wrong side in the top photo and if you look below you’ll see how it looks from the front.

Doesn’t it look like it was always suppose to be that way?

In case you were curious what I was using for the side ties, I simply cut and sewed together rectangles of the curtain fabric and placed button holes on either end. My clever man found these hooks in our tool kit which made for the perfect tie holds.

Done! An ambitious project that took a lot of trial and error, but in the end I have customized window treatments and don’t have to worry about being spied on. Win Win!


Honestly, the most challenging part of this project was getting the photos in the end. Taking direct photos of your main light source makes for some ugly pictures. Just trust me that these look so much better in real life.



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