A Modest Resistance

I’m stubborn. I don’t like being told what to do or how to do it, it’s a family trait and I’m proud of it.

Going through my mom’s fabric stash resulted in this classy find.


This lightweight stretchy sheer fabric peaked my interest, and I wanted to make something great with it.

When I found this, I thought I had my answer.


It specifically says to only use stretch stretch knits/ jersey fabric. I figured there was enough of a stretch in this fabric, it’s technically a knit right? Caution to the wind!!

My mom also advised that I find a complementary solid to make a lining, to keep it modest. While she can be right about many things… I wasn’t aiming for modesty with this top, so I conveniently didn’t make a note of this.

I wanted to contrast the sweetheart print by giving the final product some edge.

Sometimes improvising doesn’t go my way, but I have no regrets with how this turned out in the end.


The high neckline and flowing fit work with the sheer feature. Also I kind of took my mom’s advise by using a beige coloured bra, so that’s something right?


Is this how the fabric was intended to be used? Was this pattern the right call? Honestly, I don’t care. I’m loving this summer look.




2 thoughts on “A Modest Resistance

  1. Great job! I really don’t see anything indecent about it. Doesn’t look see through in the pics. Sometimes a pattern will give you an idea of how much stretch is good for the pattern. I think you did just fine with this fabric. Good find. Martha


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