Entirely On Board

One of the most important aspects of sewing is ironing. It keeps your projects from looking homemade and gives every detail that perfect final touch.

I know it’s important, and ironing in itself doesn’t bother me…

But when your only ironing board is travel sized, it can become a chore.


For my birthday last year I was given this gorgeous antique wooden board


It stood up at my waist and didn’t require me to monopolize the kitchen table or sit on the floor. It was the answer to all my problems.

And it sat against the wall for almost an entire year. I had too many projects already underway and didn’t have time to make a proper cover that would make this ready to use.

Until today…


I grabbed this and spent a little extra $$. I liked the light pattern and washed it thoroughly to keep any dye from bleeding into my future sewing.

I cut up an old towel and doubled it up for the cushioning and then used my ironing board to trace a pattern, adding 2″ all around.

I picked up some bias tape, and then ironed it in half to make casing for an elastic.

Then pinned it all along the edges of the fabric, sewing it in place.

Once I ironed all the edges (my last time using my travel board!!) I fed my skinny elastic into my new casing.


Once my towel was in place I slipped the cover over top and pulled the elastic to secure it snugly on the board, using a plastic tie to hold the elastic in place at the end. I can always adjust the fit/ remove the cover for washing.

Was surprisingly simple, and now ironing will be that much easier.


The ironing board has to sit out in my main room, so it’s a bonus it looks so beautiful. Turn your items into decor and you don’t have to worry about storage.


Can’t wait to break this one in!


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