State of a Dress

I love busting out dresses this time of year. The sun is out and my pale pasty legs need some vitamin D!

To buy a dress brand new is too pricey an option. Women’s clothes are often overpriced and there are too many stores that sell flimsy made dresses for more than they’re worth.

That’s why I’m so grateful for second hand stores, clothing swaps, and awesome friends who pass on their once loved pieces…

Like this:

You can tell I’m not impressed by the face that I’m making.

In theory this is great. I like the bold print and the front button detail, but the fit is terrible on me. The straps were falling off my shoulders, there’s some considerable sagging at the bust, and the length is…too lengthy.

I shortened the straps (1 1/4″) so to keep them in place and smooth out the whole bodice area.


I cut a HUGE chunk off the bottom.


After I gave it a small hem and the whole thing a nice press, this looked chain store worthy.


And was very easy to style.

Love a free dress.


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