Foam Home

Remember when I did this

It was my preview post to a larger project I was working on, an entire set of cushions for a breakfast nook.

Well they’re all finished and I wanted to give an overview of how everything turned out.


The most complicated pieces were the covers for the two long black seat cushions. I had to get the foam custom cut at a specialty store and chose one with a med-high density for longer life expectancy. I used the pre-cut foam to trace and cut out my fabric (adding on seam allowances, of course).

Each cushion was made up of 6 panels – 2 for the top/bottom, four to cover each side.


I split the back panel in two (running lengthwise) making an envelope opening so the foam can be removed if need be, there is Velcro running along the overlap to keep it closed.

For assembly, I attached the four sides together and when I was happy with how they lined up with the corners of the foam, I attached the larger top/bottom panels.

I made straps out of some leftover fabric from the throw pillows. They were sewn into the bottom seams of the cushions on either end. They’re also Velcro ready and wrap around the benches to hold the cushions in place.

I made two larger throw cushions with some rectangle pillow forms to fill them with (using the same process as my previous post) to finish off the whole look.

Pretty pleased with the turnout and the whole thing is dog approved!


Home decor projects can be so rewarding sometimes!




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