Linen and Things

Date: Sunday

Time: 2:30pm

Setting: Shannon’s apartment

Scene opens to Shannon lying on the couch in flannel pants, playing aimlessly on the computer. 


“It’s so great to have a day off and do nothing.”

Shannon’s Brain

“Do you have anything to write about for your post tomorrow?”

Camera zooms into extreme closeup as the realization slowly sinks in that she, in fact, does not. 

True story.

I considered, at length, just writing about the various pant hem options available to you.

But no, I’ll save that passionate piece of literary art for another day.

I needed a quick and cheap thrill, so I dug through my stash and got reacquainted with this cotton linen print:

This fabric was bestowed upon me by some VERY awesome individuals and I wanted to make something fun with it.

This PDF pattern from “it’s always autumn” was the answer. The print out and assembly is straight forward and I was ready to work with the actual fabric in no time.


I went with the cap sleeve option, cut and ironed out my pieces. Then some snappy sewing.



I like the print of this fabric but something was missing. It seemed bland, despite the busy design.

By complete fluke, I had this bias tape sitting in my stash:

The colour is a match, and it was a way to finish off all my edges while adding a simple embellishment. WAY better than just a bunch of boring hems.


So skinny. Such tedious pinning.


Teeny tiny edging.

Huge results.


Apparently, I am a fan of this shade of blue.


It’s satisfying to start and finish a project all in one afternoon.


Especially when the entire thing is made from materials I already had! #freeshirt



2 thoughts on “Linen and Things

  1. Excellent job. The embellishment was perfect! Love it when there is something in your stash. I have so much in my stash. Must get working myself.


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