Waisted Effort

I bought this dress a while ago. It was cheap and I liked the bold print so I grabbed it.

It’s a one size fits all (read: unflattering) and I don’t love the way the top half fits. It’s got this boxy rectangle thing going on and gave me some broad shoulders.

I added it to my “fix-it” list and then shoved it in a dresser to be forgotten about. You know, like an adult.

A while later I revisited it and I thought I would roll the top half down and wear the dress as a skirt.

It would result in this gorgeous silhouette.


Again I banished it to the dresser, too stubborn to let it go.

So this weeks project was pretty obvious and super easy (yay!) Turn the dress into a skirt, get rid of the excess.

I folded the top down to meet with the waist line. This way the elastic that kept the dress up was now at waist level.


I used those stitching lines as a guide to keep it even all the way around. Then it was just a straight stitch under the elastic.


Then I cut the bulk and ironed out the seam.

That’s it!

It’s a skirt and it doesn’t look like I’m trying to smuggle anything in my hips.

This is a perfect Victoria Day post, it took no time and now I can go outside and play.



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