More Than It Seams

Oh man, this week is a good one. Really good. Like, I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up with expectations once this goes live.

Get ready to be thoroughly disappointed with every post after this.

A girl came into work the other day wearing a kimono cardigan. If you don’t know what that is, hang tight. This had two key features that I look for in my clothes.

1.Loose fitting, easy to size

2. Basically just a dressed up bathrobe, and I love me some pj’s for the outside.

I was inspired and already knew the perfect fabric:


A grabbed this light chiffon only a few days ago at a Textile Bazaar. $5!

Then I found this tutorial through the magic of Pinterest.

I followed the basic instructions when it came to cutting:


And while the boast of “Make in only 30mins” initially drew me to this walk through, I realized right away that I would need to be taking more time.

The tutorial leaves the seams and hems with raw edges, and since chiffon looks like this 5 seconds after you cut it:


I wasn’t interested in following that lead.

I did french seams along the sides and the sleeves. Now all my fraying bits are locked inside their seam prisons forever and I don’t have to pick slivers of fabric fiber off me every other minute.

I also took the extra time to baste, fold, trim, and fold all my hems to end up with that perfect tiny edge.


So no, this did not get done within the 30min mark, but it’s not going to disintegrate on me either. Little bit more work, longer lasting clothes.


This was a great quick and dirty project, but the next time I make one of these, I’d be inclined to use a more involved pattern. The “neckline” is just a slit and so the hang is not as great as it could be, but I’m still very in love with this finished product.

Ok, next week I’ll do something mediocre to restore balance to the universe.


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