Crop Out

It’s summer in Canada. An event that is short lived.

I’m looking to throw in as much quick sewing this summer as possible, and a crop top is something that’s both quick and summery.

I have an idea for a full summer outfit (later project to come) and a crop top is an essential piece. Wanted to do a fun test run in prep.

I scoured the internet for a free pattern and settled on this tutorial to make my own.


I picked up a small amount of this stretch/ lycra knit.


It was just enough for this top.


The darts and side seams were all straight forward.


So there’s not really much to explain. Turned out pretty cute.


Full disclosure, I skipped out on the zipper because this is a stretchy fabric, and didn’t compensate for the extra ease that would leave. There’s some puckering in the back, but something I think I can fix and a good learning opportunity.

Yea… yea that makes me feel better.


I want to incorporate sleeves for the next one. If you have any go to crop patterns, throw them my way. Until then, I’m pretty pleased with this.




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