This week is a humbling one. Before we continue I want to ask everyone to remember past projects that were very successful. For the sake of my ego, please!

Have you ever been on social media and thought, “Man, everyone has perfect looking lives.”?  Or, read my blog and been envious of how well my projects always seem to go? Well then, this post is for you.

Welcome to the first of many StitcheryDon’t’s.

Yes, StitcheryDon’t, for those times I felt so smug about my sewing abilities that I decided I didn’t need to bother with measly things like measuring or following a pattern.

The Victim:


This is the bottom half of what use to be a skirt jumper. I cut off the top to alter into a shirt and held onto this, certain it was destined for greatness.

I wanted to take advantage of the buttons down the front and felt certain I could make it into a sleeveless top/ vest. Now, I have many patterns for this exact project, but since it was already partially put together I decided to just use an existing shirt and cut around it.


I was feeling supes confident at this point. I love that top, and figured all I needed to do was cut out and hem me some arm holes to get an exact replica.


Oh, Shannon, how naive and self-satisfied you were at the time of this photo. Icarus-ing away with your scissors.

Oh, a collar? Well, let me just cut one out with a random pattern piece, not bothering to see if it would be best suited for the shirt in question.

Was still pretty certain at this point that all would be well, never mind the amount of construction and thought necessary to properly execute a shirt collar.

I didn’t need to finish before I started to realize how horribly awry things had gone.

I mean you can see it before I even have to put it on right?


I didn’t even measure to see if the fit through the torso would be good. Not thinking about the fact that it use to be a skirt. IT FLARES OUT SHANNON! …if only she could hear me.

Dear god, don’t judge me.


So what started out with such promise has crashed and burned.

Is there any saving this? Maybe. After some distance and quiet reflection (drinks) I may one day revisit this disaster of shirt.

Sometimes you gotta f*ck up royally to learn a few things.


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