Humble Return

Ok. So, last week was…


I just…

So, any way, this week I wanted to redeem myself. I wasn’t going to let one crappy sleeveless top define me.

So I did something a little crazy… I followed a sewing pattern from beginning to end.


I had to get crafty with pattern placement. I had exactly enough fabric and was playing with a game of inches trying to get every piece a spot following the grain line correctly. This would be a more interesting detail if I had remembered to take a picture of that, but I didn’t so you’ll never know if I’m lying about it or not.

You may remember this rhombus from before.


This is the collar pattern piece I busted out last week without using any of the other pattern pieces. I was going to do it properly this time. The collar from the last shirt had all the raw edges of the neckline exposed, because I was trying to attach it without attaching the shirt facing.


So I sewed the facing all along the front opening of the shirt and around the collar. I then tack down the collar and facing seam allowances to the inside of the shirt. So now my raw edges are concealed and the collar sits how it’s suppose to rather than however it damn well pleases.


Because I’m skipping out on the sleeves, I attached facing around the arm holes, instead of simply hemming them like last week. It gives it a sturdier look and not that wavy “I made this myself” look.

I ran out of time to get the snaps on before I need to take some snaps, but I think you can see that this shirt is in very good shape.


It’s not an eyesore and the fabric is extremely light weight so it’s bound to be my go to summer shirt.



Ok! Good. Now everyone knows I can do things.


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