Past Due

Back after a brief hiatus. The last couple weeks were full of theatre and sketch comedy, so something had to take a back seat.

Doesn’t mean I didn’t do any sewing, though. Sketch comedy needs costumes, and this show was no exception. When a member of my troupe wrote a hilarious cave man sketch, I went to work to get him cave man ready.

I had this charmer in my stash:


I was gifted this last summer, and unsure what to do with it. It’s got a sticky fleshy feel/ look to it. Not really the stuff for fashion, but interesting nonetheless. I knew it would end up as a costume but waited until the right project presented itself. How can you get more right than making a loincloth?

It wasn’t a traditional loincloth design. We’re comedians not exhibitionists, and I wanted something that would help paint the picture but still leave him comfortable onstage.


I essentially made a skirt with an elastic waist. Two squares of fabric that made up his waist size that I sewed straight on either side. I added two long rectangles to the middle of the back and front that hang lower than the hem line. I folded these extra pieces into the casing with the elastic band and sewed them into the waist. These long pieces are then pulled to the side and tied in a knot to hide the waistband.


You’d think after almost 3 weeks of running a show, I’d manage to get an actual picture of him in costume, but this is the best that I have. Hopefully you’re getting the idea.

The best (and laziest part) is the hem. Once he had it on and we were clear on where we wanted it to land, I just hacked at it with my scissors in a very messy unruly fashion. So easy and kinda fun.


Easy ‘loincloth’ and perfect for someone from the distant past.

So this is how I’ve been spending my time the last few weeks, but now that the shows done, I’ll be back on my regular schedule.


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