To the Maxi

Maxi skirts make for perfect summer wear. I’ve expressed my appreciation for them in the past – that they offer me comfort while looking like I actually tried today.

I picked this fabric up at a textile fair:


Its a slinky knit and I knew immediately I wanted to turn this into a floor length skirt.

Not only are maxi skirts easy to wear, they’re so easy to make. My one criteria was for the waist to sit flat (avoiding that bunching look that happens with elastic waistbands). I found this tutorial online and it was everything I was looking for.

I measured out my waist and length and started cutting.

The most crucial part has arrived, the waist band. I measured a length of elastic to fit my waist exactly and attached the ends. Then I pinned it to my skirt and zigzagged it in place before folding the fabric twice over to encase it, being sure to keep everything smooth as I went.

Can you believe we’re already at the hem?


That’s all it takes, and look how pro this waist looks:

I love the pebbled pattern on this!! I think the end product came out looking very chic.




So that’s it forever for me, I’m going to spend the rest of my life making 10,000 of these things. Seriously, I paid $7 for the fabric, $1.60 for elastic, and it took me an hour to put this together. Why would I pay full price for one ever again?


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