Invisible Touch

I started a new project, I’m working on making my first pair of pants.

…ok that’s a lie, I use to make modrobe style pants when I was a teen. Remember those? I made five out of fleece and broadcloth and wore them all.the.time. The 90’s do crazy things to you.

So I’m working on making my first pair of real pants. Something with a structured waist that looked clean and sleek.

This time around I’ve settled on a cigarette pant, and a key feature for this is an invisible zipper. I’ve installed zippers before but this was my first crack at an invisible one, and immediately I saw how different they are.

First off, I needed a whole different zipper foot than the one I had. $6 at the fabric store where the keep the zippers, so that was an easy enough fix. It looks a little like a doll accessory but works perfectly.

I ironed the seam allowance of the pant-opening in place before pinning down my zipper, lining up the teeth to the edge of the fold.

Notice that i pinned the zipper face down to the right side of the fabric so when I fold back the seam allowance it’s facing out and there’s no stitching visible on the outside of the pants.

After the zipper is in I just finish off the rest of the seam as usual and that’s that.


It’s such a clean look and for this pant style there’s no other way to go.

So my first invisible zipper install went well, hopefully the rest of the pants go the same way. Check back next week to see.




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