Have You Seen My Pants?

I made a promise last week, and I am here to deliver.

Last week I talked about my adventure in the land of invisible zippers. It was a very important step in my current undertaking.

From Gertie Sews Vintage Casual

I was very taken with this pattern and recently inherited a beautiful black rayon fabric which I thought would be a perfect match.

This pattern is intended for knit’s and since I was using some fabric without the same stretch I had to add a bit more to my seam allowances for ease. (About 1/2″)

I love using Gertie’s book, her instructions are very clear and accompanied with some beautiful pictures.

Pants have always seemed a very daunting task, which is why I’ve usually stuck with a more forgiving design, but this went smoothly. I managed to get all the details done correctly:




The last thing these sharp pants needed was a nice pressing to make them look crisp. Not only am I pleased with the overall design, I think I’ve nailed the fit.






Who wears the pants in this house? Me!

Well, if I’m going out somewhere I wear the pants, other wise I maintain a no pants policy. But that’s not much of a saying.


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