This weeks sewing project is pretty different. I’ve put a pause on the ‘fashion’ side of things for today and am getting a little cuddlier.

I really like making plushies. Stuffed animals have a satisfying result and with two nephews, I’ve got plenty of excuses to come up with little creations. I’ve had a lot of fun with this in the past:

I also really like Pinterest and the number of ideas there for the taking, like this seemingly simple and adorable idea for some little sock sheep.

This photo is from, the link to their pattern and tutorial is above.

I had some old fuzzy socks laying around to make a prototype with and immediately got to work.

This next part is a great example of something else I like. Pinterest fails:


What the hell happened?


So much has gone wrong here, both in the proportions and the poorly distributed stuffing.


I am pretty pleased with the embroidery work on the face. If nothing else, I can take pride in that.


But this sheep…


It looks so pathetic. Perfect addition to my stitcherydon’t file.


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