That’s a Wrap

This week’s post is courtesy of my mom. I was home for a hot minute visiting and she had an idea for a quick project that she thought would make great gifts. We’re heading into fall (I know, but lean into it) and thus the holiday season will be underway. For any of us that like to make our gifts for people, it’s time to get started.

So what are we dealing with?


She picked this up forever ago and has sworn by it ever since. Know what it is yet?

She traced it out on some tissue, the straight line indicates where to leave the opening.


Then pinned it to the terry towel cloth and cut it out.


Quick pause here to introduce you to another guest on this post, met Sega:


She is a very hands on learner and will be present in most of the photos from here on out.

So, after its all cut out:



Pin a 5″ piece of elastic, folded, in the centre of the curve in between the right sides. Then pin the rest of the terry cloth together, being sure to leave the one straight edge open.

Then sew the whole curved side together.


Now, I recommend that you serge the edges of the terry cloth to cut down on the amount of fluffs, but we didn’t have a serger handy so we did a zig-zagged edge to keep it together. After sewing it, we pressed out the seams.


This is where we had to lock little Sega in the back room so she would stop trying to stick her paw under the iron. When that was done, we moved onto the final step and hemmed along the opening.


This is another place with an alternative. For the sake of this post, we went with a quick hem, but for gifts you can have fun with different coloured/ patterned bias tapes to edge your opening and make every one unique.

Ok, so now we’re done. What is this thing?


It’s a head wrap for after a shower.


Just tuck your hair into the tail of the wrap and pull it through the elastic at the top.

A very easy project, and pair it with some nice body wash and you’ve got yourself a gift set that works for anyone.




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