In The Swing Of Things

This week, I’m a little behind the times. I’m finally getting around to making a Colette Sorbetto Tank. For those of you who are no stranger to sewing blogs and Pinterest, that’s a pretty beginner project.

I saved the pdf a long while ago and often spend hours going through the Colette blog, I’m possibly the only sewing blogger who doesn’t have her own version of this so I decided it’s time to catch up.

For this 60’s swing style, I went with the periwinkle blue fabric I picked up back at the textile fair (that haul has gone a long way).


Pdf patterns are intimidating to me and I usual stick to very simple ones if I chose to go that route at all, so that may also explain why I’ve put this off for so long. Puzzling it together ended up being fun.



I went with size 10, taking note of the instruction warnings of no ease, but since my torso is on the long side, I extended the length a few inches.

Then I set to work putting in the darts and pleat.


The edges of this top are all finished with bias tape, and I had a fair amount of white tape in my stash from past projects.


It’s a good feeling when all the notions you need for a project are already in your possession. For one, I don’t have to put on pants and leave my house. However, I was 4″ short of being able to finish my project.

Sort of…

I’d rather get the most out of what I have before spending money or leaving my house (see above) so I often like to MacGyver situations like this. I had two sizes of bias tape, a thicker one for the neckline and hemline (the one I was low on) and a thinner one I used for the armholes (which I had 6″ excess). Now, I couldn’t just sew these together without the difference in size being painfully obvious.


So I ironed out my tape and refolded/ pressed it down to match the relative size of my thick one.


It looked a lot cleaner than this when it was finished… sometimes I don’t understand why I take photos when I do.

I centred the shorted 4″ in the back of the tank and attached it to the top along the bottom hem, filling it with the now re-purposed thinner tape.


Not perfect, but also not painful to look at.

Wearable and ready.


In retrospect (ha!) this print may not have been the best choice for this front pleat design. The vertical lines mask it, it’s like a surprise feature. I still think it looks cute.



Went with mod hair and makeup to make this a whole 60’s thang.



Now that I’m more comfortable using downloaded patterns, there’s nothing to make me leave my house ever aga-

oh work… right.


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