Free Fallin’

It’s that time of year.

For wearing socks, using thicker blankets, and putting pumpkin in everything.

The weather is sitting in that magical in-between. Too chilly without a jacket, but a heavy winter coat is overkill.

What does that leave us with?

Only all the best kinds of outerwear.

It’s not just about functionality, I get to look stylish and still wrap myself up in warm fuzzy clothes. Yes, please!

We got layers, colours, textures, and a revolving door of silhouettes. There are so many options to choose from, like this DIY cape tutorial available on the blog, In Honor of Design.

This cape calls for wool, which is not a cheap acquisition. That’s why I’m so grateful I’m surrounded by such generous support. Since starting this blog people have been sending me their unused fabric, it’s an embarrassment of riches. One prized piece is some gorgeous red wool (foreshadowing).

In fact, when I went through everything, it turned out I had all I needed for this cape.



Following the tutorial, I folded the wool into fourths and measured out my neckline and length from neck to wrist, drawing my semi circle. It was tight, but I had exactly enough.

I repeated the process with the lining.


The DIY didn’t use lining but I wanted the added insulation. Plus the wool is itchy and I wanted to make a barrier between it and my skin. Comfort is paramount! What’s the point of looking good if you don’t feel good, amiright?

After it was all cut out, I basted the layers together.


Then, it was time for this guy to shine:


You remember this friend from last week. Look at me, planning ahead.

I serged it in place to the outside edge and then folded it over (tucking the raw edge under) and stitching it closed.

So close to finished!

Still riding on my whole, this project is practically free train, I dug out these vintage silk covered coat hooks and eyes.

I found these inside of an old sewing table at a second hand furniture store and got them (plus a box full of other notions) for $2 in total.

And these large buttons finally had their day. I think I’ve had these since I was twelve and couldn’t find the right way to use them.

We’ve solved a mystery today, and for that we can be proud.


Put it all together…


…and you’ve got yourself a snazzy fall cape.


With some solid wingspan.


I’m in love with how it hangs.


It’s great when it all just falls together.


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