Cap It

Thanks for the outpouring of love last week. I appreciated everyone who felt strongly about everything and made a point to get in touch. It was a good boost and got me feeling sew happy. I managed to get some time put aside to do something quick and fun.

Let’s get crackin’…

I found this sweet strapless polka-dot dress at a clothing swap. I liked the shape of the skirt and it’s a comfortable fabric that makes it a comfy wear. I love clothing that is deceptively fancy, it looks like I’m done up but I’m lying to all of you.


What I didn’t like about this:

  1. The lack of straps. Strapless dresses don’t do well with me, they slide down and I spend the whole day hiking it back up.
  2. This straight across neckline. It gives me some clumsy uni-boob.


The top of this dress was not meant for me, which is such a shame because the bottom half fits so well. My first thought was to chop it in half and turn this into a cute skit.

I’ll consider that to be plan B.

I’ve never had to reconstruct a neckline and since I didn’t like the top half of this dress anyway… what the hell, lets risk screwing this up.

The bodice is in two layers so I took out the stitches and ironed out the seam allowance, that way I could chalk out my new shape with accurate measurements.




After I was happy with the shape, I gave it a snip and sewed it all back together and pressed it down.


That left me with a nice sweetheart neckline that was much more complimentary to my shape.

Great, neckline dealt with, now I have to deal with that strapless issue. I had this white sateen in my stash that was just enough to make some cap sleeves out of.

After serging the edges, cuz this little jackass frays like crazy, I attached the shoulder and underarm seams.

The edges of the “neckline” and armholes of these sleeves needed a quick hemming before I could move on to attaching them to the actual dress. I matched up the side seams with the side seams of the dress, so it doesn’t look awful, and then stitched everything into place.


I used white thread on top but left my  bobbin thread navy so that the understitching would match the colour of the dress.

That’s it.


I can’t decide if this is a success or not.


I guess time will tell, don’t be surprised if this makes a return as a skirt. But for now, I can wear a bra with this and that’s a win.



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