Seven of Mine

It’s Halloween and you’d better believe I didn’t miss a chance to make something.

Some life truths about me: I like playing dress up and I like Star Trek.

I decided on Seven of Nine, which worked out because I was doing a comedy show and had to portray a fictional character (let’s pretend I needed a reason), and thus I killed two birds.

So the key element is her body suit.

Can you believe how expensive these are? And they’re not even in a multitude of colours. I could find black, pink, and leopard print. How is leopard print more of a neutral than grey?

Anyway, sewing…

I didn’t have any patterns on hand for this, but found a tutorial on how to draft up your own pattern by using body measurements. So I took out my measuring tape, laid out some paper, and got drafty.


Then I realized what a ridiculously tedious endeavor this was and scrapped it. (Psych).

Honestly, I’m all for DIY but sometimes it’s worth spending the money to save the time.

SO, I went online and bought this pattern PDF.


I’m making the middle style, but I changed the neckline to the scoop. I printed it out and pieced it together:


After measuring, I lengthened the torso because as you must have picked up on by this point, I have a long torso.


Like my attempt at photo editing? I highlighted where I added in the length, it’s hard to tell because I recycled old PDF scrap paper as the insert.

Bottom line: crotch pull = averted.

I picked up this heather grey jersey at Fabricland (30% off)


The texture and colour are a winning combo for this costume.

Once it was all cut out, assembly went by quickly.


This pattern has the seams running down the middle front and back. If I were to do this again, I would consider modifying it so that the front is seamless because the middle front seam feels a little amateur.

Almost done, needed to stick some elastic in the neckline so it would stay in place.

After hemming all the edges and giving it a quick press, I make-uped some implants.

And I’m ready to assimilate the masses:


Recognize those boots? Gave them a mini makeover some months ago, and here they are paying off.


Happy Halloween fellow nerds!


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