Stitchin’ Time

This week I’m getting crafty, in more ways than one.

My walls are a little bare, and I’m looking to get some art up. There are many cool art projects out there, but the one that caught my eye was the ironic cross-stitch.

Ah, yes, I have wasted many an afternoon on Pinterest liking the hell out of ironic cross-stitch patterns. They look pretty and are hilarious, which sums up everything I strive to own and be.

So, I found the pattern of my dreams and picked up some embroidery floss. I had a long shift that I knew would have some down moments and thought it was a great opportunity to stitch away.


Sadly, when I got to work, I discovered that my embroidery needle got lost in transit. So there I was with my floss and fabric and no way to make them one. I was too excited about getting this done, so I decided to go onto the Facebook trading page, BUNZ, and seek out my first ever trade.

You guys, I’m growing!

After posting about my needle-less woes, a woman who happened to live across the street from where I was AND had some embroidery needles lying around (what are the freakin’ odds) came by and dropped off a package.



And so, my stitch date was not lost. I successfully navigated my first ever BUNZ trade (gift really, she refused anything in return and was just happy to help), passed a slow shift without going insane, and finished my delightful cross-stitch!


That’s my double crafty week. My walls are now offensively sweet.



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