Ditching My Stash

The fabric stash.

It can be a joy or a curse, depending. I have a hard time throwing things away at the best of times, but especially fabric. I’m convinced that even the smallest pieces can come in handy at a later date, and I’m sure they’ll put that in my eulogy after I’m buried under a leaning tower of textiles.


So I’m trying to turn these into usable projects and get them off my shelves and out of my cupboards. With the holidays approaching, it seems like a great time to build a little bit of an inventory for add-on gifts or secret santa.


A huge part of my stash is made up of old curtains (don’t ask) or bits of upholstery that were given to me (thanks Martha). Nothing I’d want to wear, but some of them are too nice to ditch.


So I made a variety of throw pillow covers. I’ve been given these in the past and loved getting them, they’re unique and so so easy to make.

I just looked up common cushion sizes and shapes, and then started cutting out my pieces according to those measurements (taking seam allowances into account). They’re made up of one large square and two small rectangles that overlap at the back.


I finished the two exposed edges (the flap opening) and then pinned the other sides together.

Once I stitched down all four sides, it was done.


You just slip it over an existing cushion and now you’ve got an updated decor.


I as able to whip up a fair amount of these and now I have more room.

Which is great, because I may have gone a little shop happy at the fabric store a few days ago.




One thought on “Ditching My Stash

  1. Good for you! I’ve done doll clothes with bits and pieces. Amazing what you can create . I’d send pictures of them, but this email doesn’t want to send attachments.šŸ˜–


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