I’m back after quite the hiatus.

The past four months have been busy. My life is growing in all different directions and I’ve been forced to grapple with some difficult transitions that have challenged me and also been handed some exciting opportunities that have invigorated me. Each day has been packed to the brim with meetings, rehearsals, work, socializing, and writing. I feel like my fullest self and I’m very in love with where things are headed but, something had to take a back seat.

At first I had planned to only take January off, then it was February and I still couldn’t find the time. March approached and I stressed about not having anything so started to brainstorm some pathetic ideas. Once, my brilliant brain was convinced that everyone would just love to see the contents of my fabric stash. Just one whole post listing all the fabric I own.

…wasn’t even drunk when I came up with that one.

By the time April rolled aroundĀ I got over it. It was better for everyone if I waited until I had theĀ mental energy to write posts I was proud of rather than to show you how I organize my buttons by colour.

May felt promising. This first day being on a Monday, the stars had aligned and I looked forward to Sunday evening to craft the greatest revival piece.

Then, yesterday…

Yesterday was one hell of a day. I was angry and upset about it, but today I think it was very appropriate considering how eager I am to start sewing again. (This is called a positive spin and we’re all gonna get on board with it so I don’t tear my hair out).

After weeks of putting it off, I finally managed to dragged myself to the laundromat and wash all my clothes and linens so I could finally stop fabreezing my shirt armpits (we’ve all done it). I had it planned out to the minute, as I was using a small window of time between two separate rehearsals. It was the most organized I’ve been in months.

Then the laundromat dryer caught fire and burned/ melted 30% of my clothes. The other 70% shrunk severely because of the heat/ is warped and flimsy/ or smells like burnt hair and chemicals.

So, surprisingly, I didn’t get much sewing or writing done last night.

But, at the very least, sewing has now become a priority. I have to replace almost my entire wardrobe and while I will purchase quite a few items, it seems like a wasted opportunity not make a bunch of my replacements.

So no, I don’t have anything made for today, but I inhaled a lot of smoke yesterday and wasn’t thinking clearly so I promise it would’ve been terrible.

or hilariously bad…

damn, that might’ve been entertaining now that I think about it.

Ok, here’s some pictures of my ruined clothes, because every good blog includes photos.